Krumkake Recipe

Krumkake is a thin wafer like cookie that is typically rolled into a cone, but can be served as just a flat wafer or can be placed into mold to be filled for a dessert bowl. It is made on a Krumkake iron.

What are some memories you have of making this delicious dessert?

Bethany Housewares - Krumkake Recipe


Directions- Melt 1 stick of butter. Beat 4 eggs and Package #2 contents until light yellow. Add cooled, melted butter. Mix well. Add contents of package #1, mix well. Batter will have a dough-like consistency. Use spoon to place on heated Krumkake Baker or form 1 inch balls. Bake until light brown, roll onto wooden cone roller, store in air tight container,  fill with favorite filling before serving.

Makes 40 – 5” Krumkake Cookies.